About Us

MainLine Neighbors has been serving the community since 2004. We are locals – we live, work, and play here. We aim to uplift, inform, inspire and engage.

In 2004 two local women built a community website for the town of Wayne, Pennsylvania, called InWayne.com. The site contained various resources like trash collectors, preschools, lists of local businesses and organizations; volunteer opportunities as well as a calendar of events. Shortly after the site was created they sent out an email called “Hi Neighbor!” that included local events that were happening around town. People enjoyed getting the events email and it gained a loyal following over the years. The subscriber base grew to include towns all along Philadelphia’s suburban Main Line area. In 2008 InWayne was expanded to become MainLine Neighbors.

Today, MainLine Neighbors is like a next-door neighbor who’s in the know. Your “go-to” online Community, Arts and Culture hub for Philly’s suburbs. We connect via weekly emails, an online calendar of events, and through our social media channels. We share stories about our lives via our BURB-LIFE blog. We connect our readers to events, organizations, non-profits, charities and businesses in the community. We promote arts, cultural, creative and charitable organizations and their events in order to connect, engage and strengthen the entire community.

So get out there and engage, laugh, sing, dance, connect, learn, applaud, reflect, play and most of all… ENJOY!

MainLine Neighbors

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