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Regina’s Blog

Regina Sullivan worked in commercial production and advertising for many years. She worked on major brands and had major headaches. In 1998 she and her husband Gene had their daughter Hannah and twenty months later, their son Connor. In 2008 she and her business partner Laura started InWayne.com (now MainLineNeighbors).

Recently, when she’s not being held captive by her computer, Regina can be found playing with her two Frenchies (Mumford & Mabel), cooking, reading, doing yoga, gardening, throwing pots at Historic Yellow Springs, and playing golf with her husband Gene.

Regina is the first to admit she’s addicted to carbs and lets her roots go longer than she should. She is always on a quest to bake the most delicious chocolate chip cookie, brew a barista style espresso and find the perfect hat. She hates winter and will one day have a house in the south. 

Kate’s Blog

Kate Myers started out as an MLN subscriber in the summer of 2014, when she moved to the lovely little town of Wayne with her husband and two young daughters. Bored, lonely and pregnant with her third child, she needed something to fill those loooong, hot summer days. Thankfully, MLN did all the work for her, telling her where to go and what to do each week (her daughters fondly refer to that period as “the summer mom dragged us up and down the main line”). In early 2016, the stars aligned, and she went from MLN subscriber to full-fledged staff member. Though she’s no longer a main line newbie, she still loves going on regular deep dives to deliver all the latest news and happenings to her fellow neighbors, with the occasional book, podcast and movie rec thrown in for fun.

A Baltimore native (go Ravens!), Kate worked as an advertising copywriter before transitioning to freelance writing and editing. In her spare time, she loves reading (#bookwormsunite), her Peloton, yoga, crossword puzzles, traveling with her family and hot coffee always. 

Jane’s Blog

Since she was a child, Jane journaled experiences as a way to write her way out of complexity encountered personally and then professionally. Through this, she found her own resolutions and discovered her own voice. Writing for MainLine Neighbors started after retirement and was a welcome outgrowth of this long practice.

After several years employed by Philadelphia’s top ad agency, Jane started her own marketing company representing high profile clients. Launched through an encounter with an entertainment marketing executive, her company continued for 35 years. She’d originally trained to become a singer/actor before and during college and made call backs on Broadway. Through another chance meeting, this time with a studio engineer, began a part-time singing career recording radio & tv commercials.

She’s reared two independent grown-up kids, is married to a kind, very funny guy who balances her “heavy” thoughts with his humor. She’s studied and practiced eastern philosophy and yoga for decades. Currently she also supports animal rescues, volunteers at a women’s center and an area food bank and participates in a wide range of classes. It’s a busy retired life and she likes it that way, providing lots of ways to engage with life and discovering new topics to share with readers. 

Chris’s Blog

Chris McNicholas was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia, and moved to the Main Line after marrying her husband Greg in 1997.  In 1998, after working as an Accountant for 10 years, she had her first child, Meghan and decided to be a stay-at-home mom. Twenty-Two months later she welcomed her son Gregory, and moved to Connecticut a month after he was born!  In 2002, Chris and her family packed up again, and moved back to Bryn Mawr and welcomed her third child, Michael, two years later. Once her children started school, Chris became very active in the PTO and enjoyed volunteering her time in the Radnor School District. After sending her second child off to college in the fall of 2018, she was looking for something new, interesting, and fun to do and that’s when she saw the “We’re Hiring” ad in the MLN weekly newsletter, and the rest is history! After three years as the Website Content Manager, Chris decided to try her hand at writing, and loves being able to share local events and relatable stories to family, friends and neighbors…on the Main Line.

Lately, when she is not searching for fun local events, Chris has been trying to find ways to embrace her impending empty nester status and is hopeful that someday that will include travelling and ultimately a cozy cottage down the shore.

Kim’s Blog

Kim Cassady joined the MLN writer crew in 2021 at the suggestion of a close friend who saw “looking for editors” in the weekly newsletter and knew it was right up her alley.  She was right!  Aside from writing, Kim is most busy as the CEO of her, well, family.  She’s a divorced mom of two beautifully blue-eyed and blonde-haired little gremlins, aged 4 and 10.  They’re just like the movie, really.  Ridiculously adorable most of the time, but don’t dare cut a sandwich into squares instead of triangles, you know?   She’s their CAO (Chief Adventure Officer), CBO (Chief Bathtime Officer), CCO (Chief Culinary Officer), CDO (Chief Driving – to preschool, to wrestling, to gymnastics, to soccer, to birthday parties, to, to to… – Officer); basically, the Chief Officer of ALL the things.  While much of her time is spent in “mom mode” she does put some lipstick on and slide into leopard flats a few times a week when she heads to Temple University where she is an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Department of Advertising.  And, she runs her own freelance photography and graphic design business.  Beyond mom-ing and work, she thinks that coffee is merely a vehicle for cream and sugar.  She loves wiener dogs and Corgi butts.  She was one of the “pumpkin-spiced and everything nice” people before it became a thing.  She’s partial to white Christmas lights.  She loves to get her hands in the dirt and watch her flowers grow.  And, she loves loves loves that Havertown is her home sweet home.

Jackie’s Blog

A conference coordinator, a middle school English teacher, and a stay-at-home mom are a few of the life experiences Jackie has had on her way to rediscovering her passion for writing.  Currently she blogs about the Conversations, Confessions and Conundrums we face daily with a focus on her now empty nest.  Born and raised in Pennsylvania, she lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia where she revels in the changing seasons.  Jackie’s insights can be found on her website www.scribingwithscout.com or check her out on Facebook and Instagram. Jackie’s previous work has been featured on Grown and Flown, and she is a contributing writer for the online newsletters Elementary Connections and Main Line Neighbors. She especially enjoys contributing to Main Line Neighbors because the readers are incredibly receptive. When she is not busy gathering ideas for her articles, she enjoys playing tennis, working out, traveling to new places, walking her beloved Golden retriever, and spending quality time with her young adult sons.

About What We Do

MainLine Neighbors has been serving the community since 2004. We are locals – we live, work, and play here. We aim to uplift, inform, inspire and engage.

In 2004 two local women built a community website for the town of Wayne, Pennsylvania, called InWayne.com. The site contained various resources like trash collectors, preschools, lists of local businesses and organizations; volunteer opportunities as well as a calendar of events. Shortly after the site was created they sent out an email called “Hi Neighbor!” that included local events that were happening around town. People enjoyed getting the events email and it gained a loyal following over the years. The subscriber base grew to include towns all along Philadelphia’s suburban Main Line area. In 2008 InWayne was expanded to become MainLine Neighbors.

Today, MainLine Neighbors is like a next-door neighbor who’s in the know. Your “go-to” online Community, Arts and Culture hub for Philly’s suburbs. We connect via weekly emails, an online calendar of events, and through our social media channels. We share stories about our lives via our BURB-LIFE blog. We connect our readers to events, organizations, non-profits, charities and businesses in the community. We promote arts, cultural, creative and charitable organizations and their events in order to connect, engage and strengthen the entire community. Email-us with any questions!

Now Get out there and engage, laugh, sing, dance, connect, learn, applaud, reflect, play and most of all… ENJOY!

MainLine Neighbors

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