Back to Basics Learning Dynamics

Back to Basics Learning Dynamics

Main Line Education Guide: Tutoring


 6 Stone Hill Rd, Wilmington, DE 19803

Back to Basics Learning Dynamics is one of the largest educational services businesses in the tri-state area. We have a 360-degree view of education because we work with parents whose children need academic support and tutoring from Pre-K through college. We work with Public, Private, Vocational, and Charter Schools to help support their staff and students, offering psycho-educational testing, SLP’s, OTs, Tutors, Reading, Math, ELL support instructors, and homebound instruction. We work with State Departments like the Dept. of Education, Child and Family Services to provide Professional Development around diversity, inclusion, bystander intervention, sexual harassment training, and literacy programs.

We offer translation of documents for IEP meetings and compliance as well as interpretation services for in-person meetings, virtual meetings, and telephonic meetings at schools, healthcare, and mental health facilities.

Back to Basics Learning Dynamics has been in business for over 35 years helping to meet the needs of the community, parents, and schools in every aspect of the educational process. We have a stellar reputation. At Back to Basics all of our tutors are educators who have at least 2 to 3 years of tutoring experience in the subject they are working at with a student. All tutors have state and federal background checks, as well as child registry checks, are done.

We keep our prices affordable to all students to have an opportunity to grow in their education and receive the help they need. Payment plans and scholarships are available at B2B. Tutoring should not just be for the elite but should be available for all students of all ages and backgrounds. We work with non-profit community organizations as much as we work with elite private schools and we are always proud of the work our organization provides.

This past summer we tutored over 2500 students across the state of DE for over 40K hours of accelerated learning to get them ready for the 21-22 school year. This year we are working with school districts as far away as TX to provide after school, evening, and weekend tutoring to help