Do we have breakthrough Covid? ... on the Main Line

A little over a week ago my husband and I were at the beach, and he came down with a head cold. We chalked it up to a classic summer cold. We’ve all had one.…

A little over a week ago my husband and I were at the beach, and he came down with a head cold. We chalked it up to a classic summer cold. We’ve all had one. We got home and a few days later it turned into a classic sinus infection. He’s had a sinus infection, at least once a year since I’ve known him. He called his doctor to get put on a Z-Pac. After many years he knows exactly what he needs. She said, “You need to get tested. You may have COVID.”

“Seriously? I don’t have any symptoms. It’s my classic, yearly sinus infection. My breathing is fine.” 

We had a wedding coming up that weekend, so to be safe he scrambled to get a rapid test.

Where do you even go? Pharmacy? Testing site? It’s been a minute since we’ve had to think about COVID testing. We’re vaccinated. Isn’t this nightmare over?

He masked up and went to the closest Urgent Careand he was positive! We were shocked. Nailed by DELTA! I, of course, caught his head cold, so I got tested. I was positive. Two positives don’t make a negative.

While I was getting my rapid test at Urgent Care the nurse mentioned there were 100 people tested that week, up 100% from the week prior. I overheard a man in the next stall, in for COVID testing, and said he was in contact with 6 people who had tested positive. In Pennsylvania, all but two counties are labeled “substantial transmission” or “high transmission” areas by the CDC as of Monday. So, evidence says DELTA has plans my friends.

My husband I are were vaccinated as early as possible, about 5 months ago. So, I assume our vaccine was waning and this Delta variant is way more contagious compared to what we were dealing with last winter. During the pandemic when our 21- and 23-year-old’s were home we (shockingly) never got COVID. After lockdown and into the winter they were out and about, seeing friends and not nearly as careful as we would have liked. But not one of us got the virus during that time. I would lecture to them about bringing the virus home and getting us sick. But it never happened. So, we were shocked when we tested positive.

I’m a nerd and listen to podcasts and keep updated on COVID so, I do realize you can get it if you’re vaccinated. But honestly since we were vaccinated only 5 months ago, and this area has a high vaccination rate, I truly thought we were safe. Nope! And apparently cold symptoms and the DELTA variant of COVID symptoms are remarkably similar.

My main takeaways…

If you have symptoms get tested! Vaccinated or not if you have the slightest symptom get tested. Stuffy nose? Could be COVID. Runny nose? Could be COVID. Sore throat? Could be COVID. Stomach upset? Could be COVID. We need to stop this thing, no one wants to get sick, and you don’t want to get anyone else sick. I think we can all agree on that!

Being vaccinated can be a powerful tool for keeping you from getting very sick from COVID. Before getting the vaccine, I was worried about my husband getting COVID because he has asthma. We had friends who got very sick last year. Sadly, we know people who died from COVID. It was a relief that he had a mild case. And for me it felt like a bad cold/mild flu for 3 days. We lost our sense of taste and smell around day 5. It wasn’t nothing, I wouldn’t want it again, but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world and we’re recovering.

The vaccine may be wearing off but it’s also doing the job.  I was the only person in contact with my husband that got COVID. I know, lucky me! He was in the same house for the weekend with his parents, his sister, and her family. He played golf with several friends and ate indoors with them. Thankfully, not one of them, all vaccinated, got COVID. That suggests the vaccine prevented the people he was in contact with from getting sick. Except me. For better or worse!

Thanks to all our fam and friends who checked up on us over the last 10 days!!

P.S. This is not political, just my experience and my humble opinion. I know not everyone agrees on getting vaccinated. My brother and I have very different views and we have coffee regularly so we’ve agreed to disagree.

P.S.S. Make sure you know the costs before you get tested. You can call your insurance company and ask. PCR tests should be covered if you have symptoms. Rapid Tests may not be covered. Every insurance company and each testing facility is different. * PA Department of Health regarding testing and costs.


COVID Testing on the Main Line of Pennsylvania:

Rite Aid
Schedule online with screening
Rapid and PCR Testing
Cost: PCR should be free but based on insurance
Drive-thru: You’ll receive your results within 2-5 days via the email you provided at registration. If positive, a health care worker will call you.
Mail-in: Return your kit with free overnight return shipping the same day you take your sample. Get results within 2 business days of your kit arriving at the lab.
At-home: Results within 15 minutes. Recommended to test twice within 3 days at least 36 hours apart.

Schedule online with screening
Rapid and PCR Testing
Cost: PCR should be free but based on insurance
MinuteClinic uses multiple types of COVID-19 testing. Most rapid-result testing locations perform antigen testing. Limited rapid-result locations and all drive-thru lab testing locations perform PCR/NAAT testing. You can choose to pay for your test with a debit/credit/FSA/HSA card with no screening required. The cost for lab testing is $139, which includes $100 for the independent laboratory that processes your test and $39 for your MinuteClinic visit.

Schedule online with screening
Rapid and PCR Testing
Cost: should be free but based on insurance

Gladwyne Health Mart Pharmacy
Schedule online with screening, Free
PCR: Results will be available 3 to 5 business days after your test
This program is part of the public-private partnership announced on March 13, 2020. eTrueNorth is working with HHS, state and local officials, and pharmacy and lab partners to open testing sites in areas of need. The test is FREE to those individuals being tested.

Patient First
No Appointment Necessary, Walk-Ins
Rapid and PCR Testing

AFC Urgent Care
Schedule online
Rapid Test- May not be covered by insurance ($159 out of pocket)
PCR test- Telemedicine fee may not be covered by insurance but PCR test should be covered

IM Health Urgent Care
If you have symptoms insurance may pay for screening. With no symptoms costs below:
RT-PCR screening test – $100
Rapid only – $150
RT-PCR and Rapid – $150
Rapid Antibody test – $50


Testing for children

Schedule online with screening
Cost: Testing is free but may be a co-pay depending on insurance
In the evenings and on weekends, COVID-19 testing is offered at Haverford and King of Prussia

PM Pediatrics
Wayne, Wynnewood, Springfield
Covid testing for children and young adults through age 26 and the caretakers who accompany them.
Rapid and PCR
Copay at the time of service with participating insurance. A claim will be submitted to your insurance to determine your individual financial responsibility
Patients with Non-Participating Commercial Insurance or Medicare:
Cost: PCR: $65/ Rapid Test: $100


15 To Know
Multiple Locations
Schedule online, no screening
Binax Now Rapid Test: $49
Rapid PCR- $225
Abbott ID Now Rapid Test: $125

At home Kits
The average time to deliver results is currently 1-2 days from when your sample is received at the lab.