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  1. And what about people screaming at one another across a restaurant table? Why can’t everybody speak in a normal voice?


  2. I so agree, and I think the pandemic has made us all forget how to behave in public. There is no decorum anymore on public transportation (pushing, walking in front of people without saying, “Excuse me,” not holding doors, especially for people with difficulty walking or carrying large packages); or in every day life – what happened to “Please” and “thank you?” Or simple apologies when you hit

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  3. Amen Jackie! Having this type of conversation more than I’d like lately….drivers and grocery shoppers in particular. Seems we’ve come out of covid-hybernation and left something behind.
    Not everyone of course, but it always seems to be the negative encounters we remember.
    Let’s hope we can reward good behavior — squash the not-so-good!


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