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  1. Recently watched these mini series I enjoyed very much:
    Possessions – HBO Max – watch it in French with subtitles
    The Investigation – HBO Max – watch it in Danish with subtitles
    It’s a Sin – HBO Max
    White House Farm Murders – HBO Max


  2. I recently binged “Ted Lasso” on Apple+, in fact the only reason I signed up for this service was so that I could watch “Ted Lasso”. It’s full of cussing, inuendo and potty mouths, but it also made me laugh out loud more times than I could count. Jason Sudeikis’s talents in acting, writing and as co-creator of this series are on display in each episode. The cast is fabulous, but if you have

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  3. The Investigation on HBO is a Danish series that is intense and a bit dark, but very compelling, and based on a true story.


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